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A second source against the dangers of the "single" Internet

Between breakdowns of the single network and attacks by ransomware it is clear that having a 2nd source in internet becomes essential. Software patches cannot always stop the dangers of a global Internet. Open-Root and its independent and secure network allows OIVs* to keep control of their operations and safeguard their mission-critical applications.
*Organization of Vital Importance

A "private" management of its providers or of a target population

Open-Root is independent from Internet standardization organisations and sells Top Level Domains (TLDs), in all fonts (without character or encoding constraints), in order to offer you a secure and innovative management of your web communities: a domain that looks like you, private, only indexed if you wish, and free from renewal issues.

Welcome to .you:
Manage your private web community using an open root !

The Internet is filled with closed communities - Facebook, Tweeter, etc. - but in these spaces you don’t choose your neighbor, you adapt. With Open-Root, get started! Family circles, friends, enthusiasts, communicate with a personalized TLD Open-Root opens all the networks of the web... in all privacy.
Create your own communities, sustainable or for the time of a party, be Master of your wishes.

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To know everything (or almost) about open roots in internet

  • What is a root, in the Internet?

    It is a directory containing domain names of TLD level, as: de, fr, uk, com, org. Every name is unique in a root. Each name is associated with one or more IP addresses.

    The function of such a directory is to provide a user (usually a browser) with an IP address of a sub-directory containing the next part of the domain name.

    E.g. finances.gouv.fr.

    a- the root provides the IP address of the fr directory,
    b- the fr directory provides the IP address of the gouv directory,
    c- the gouv directory provides the IP address of the finances directory,
    d- the finance directory provides the IP address of the target site.

    The root is the first step in searching for the target site. Its contents is limited to TLDs and associated IP addresses.

  • Are there several roots in the Internet?

    According to ICANN, a self proclaimed monopoly, there is one and only one root, operated by Verisign, under contract with the US Department Of Commerce (DOC). Any modification of this root must be approved first by ICANN, then by DOC.

    Actually there exists many roots created by other organizations, in order to allow users to access sites that, for various reasons, do not have a TLD in the ICANN root.

  • What is an open root?

    They are roots independent from ICANN, thus from DOC, created by private organizations, for users rejected by ICANN, or rejecting conditions imposed by ICANN.

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