About us

Our activity? A fixed sale with no ongoing budget

Open-Root sells the extensions chosen by the customers, and they manage them as they wish. You can create your domain names freely, according to your needs, for projects, a brand, an event, your community. Once purchased, the TLD belongs to you, with no recurring costs.

In the ICANN root, we do not pay for the conversion of domain names into IP numbers but we pay for the creation and management by a provider of 2nd level domain names.

In Open-Root, depending on your level of technical knowledge, you can manage your extensions either using Open Source software (DNS Manager) or through a provider that accepts Open-Root’s open roots.
An invoicing which is adapted to your real habits.

A network of servers is needed to convert TLDs to IP addresses

There is no reason to depend on a monopoly for the choice of its root and there may be several independent server networks depending on the roots used.

The use of these networks is a service to the users for which it is normal to pay the operating cost.

The networks provided by Open-Root offer flexible billing. Pricing varies depending on the customer’s use of their TLD. It is a fairer and more logical business model that gives server managers the means to maintain their hardware and invest in technical advances.

Access to the whole web

All computers use a name server, i.e. a machine that translates a domain name into an IP number like a telephone directory (name + location = telephone number). By default, all PCs are setup with ICANN’s name server.

To use its different TLDs, the Open-Root client only has to choose its name server and thus accesses the whole Internet... i.e. websites using the TLDs in its open root, plus all the websites registered in the ICANN root.

Freedom of management choice

Note that users have the choice of managing their TLD and can integrate it into their existing network if they wish.

Autonomous management

A utility allows Open-Root customers to manage their 2nd and 3rd level domain names. Named GESTAD this tool can be declined under White Mark (on quotation).