Athanor, Open-Root’s partner

Athanor, a digital consulting firm, supports companies in their Digital Transformation project to help them to improve their skills.

Athanor develops service solution programs around Risk, Crisis and Security Management.

Digital transformation is disrupting business organizations. Thanks to our experience with major accounts for more than 20 years and our expertise, our consulting firm wished to collaborate in the development of the Open-Root service.

Some of Athanor’s clients

RATP, Renault, Coca-Cola, INPI, Engie, Gaumont Pathé, …

Security, risks & crisis management

Since 2016, we have been accompanying and supporting Open-Root teams in the deployment of solutions:

  • Security
  • Risks
  • Crisis management

We operate in all types of markets, from SMEs not yet fully equipped with EDM or security systems to the Group wishing to improve its practices without disrupting its decision-making processes and wishing to anticipate the future.

For this project, Athanor’s engineers are developing solutions for innovative uses and a simple and secure approach to the Open-Root network.

Whether it’s protecting data from the risks of Ransomwares, creating stealth networks for applications aimed at user communities or trading exchanges outside the harmful power of GAFAs, the Open-Root solution has its place in the range of business continuity protocols.

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Open-Root chosen as platform for the new Internet, RINA

As part of the development of the internet of the future, RINA, Open-Root has been chosen as the 1st DIF-Allocator to be the bridge to the future!

The great novelty of 2018 is the rapid and important development of the new protocol for a new Internet, RINA. Here are a few links in case you haven’t heard of RINA :

And here are some examples of applications under development:


Charles Hoskinson (IOHK) announces plans to adopt RINA as part of the Cardano blockchain. The Cardano project is an ambitious effort to develop a 3rd generation cryptocurrency that can solve the scalability and interoperability needs of current cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.


A paper entitled “Mobility management in RINA networks: experimental validation of architectural properties” has been accepted for presentation at the IEEE WCNC 2018 conference in Barcelona. The 5G challenge with the RINA protocol.

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